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Discover the perfect gift for those with great taste. Be the best guest at your next dinner party, or simply give a more inspired present this season.

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Olive oils to get excited about...

“Without a doubt the best olive oil I’ve tried.”


"Fab oil, great packaging, great ethos."


"The quality, service, and eye for detail is commendable."


Gift the Olive Oil Club - Citizens of Soil
Gift an olive oil subscription - Citizens of Soil
Gift the Olive Oil Club - Citizens of Soil
Gift the Olive Oil Club - Citizens of Soil

Gift the Olive Oil Club

One-time charge. Delivered monthly. No auto-renew.

Give the gift that keeps on giving. Inspired by natural wine, our small-batch extra virgin olive oils make the perfect subscription gift for the olive oil lover or foodie in your life.

Number of months to gift

Save +15% per pouch

Save +20% per pouch

Add the address of the person you're gifting in the check-out screen!

How it works

  • Select the number of months you’d like to gift.
  • Enter your email address at checkout, ***but the delivery address of the recipient.***
  • You will be charged only once.
  • You will receive the email confirmation.
  • They’ll receive a 500ml pouch of delicious extra virgin olive oil every month.
  • Note: They can choose to extend their subscription when their gift runs out—but they're not required to do so.

About these oils/refills

Small batch. Regeneratively farmed. From women across the Mediterranean.

Each one is selected for its crowd-pleasing ability to serve as your everyday pour—the sort of oils that play well in everything. Cook with them, drizzle with them, take a morning shot of them.

These have been selected by our founder & olive oil sommelier, Sarah Vachon, to elevate your meals while supporting woman who produce olive oil in a way that works in harmony with nature.

Customer reviews

Lovely Product

Without a doubt the best olive oil I’ve tried.

Jamee | 08/02/2023 | Verified Buyer

Amazing Product

Fab oil, great packaging, great ethos.

C.F. | 06/05/2023 | Verified Buyer

Great Product

The quality, service, and eye for detail is commendable.

Tasha | 10/02/2023 | Verified Buyer


Subscription benefits

Extra savings

The best value, saving 15-20% when you gift for 6-12 months.

Free shipping

Free on refills, plus on every order you purchase as a subscriber.


Seasonal recipe inspo, access to limited drops, new products, event, and offers!

Better impact

Our refills generate 15x less carbon than our bottles, and every order helps support small-batch farmers and soil health!

Handwritten little extras...

Just add your message to the box in the cart, and we'll write it on a card to go along with your gift.

Changing the olive oil industry for good.

Oil we want for Christmas...

From Kat in Greece

—Delicate & Herby—

From Marina in Andalucía

—Vibrant & Fruity—

From Ana in Alentejo

—Intense & Peppery—

From Lena in Istria

—Intense & Grassy—

From Spain & Greece

—Delicate & Peppery—

From Portugal & Croatia

—Bold & Intense—

Give the gift of choice!

Send a digital Citizens of Soil e-card.

  • You’ll have the choice to send the voucher to your email address or direct to the recipient.
  • There’s even the option to schedule the delivery, so it’ll land neatly into your friend’s inbox exactly when you want it to.
  • Our gift vouchers can be spent on any of our products and are valid for one year.

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