Magnum: Single Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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That's right—1.5 litres worth of GOLD. 

Introducing our limited-edition magnum bottle, filled with 1.5 litres of our single estate extra virgin olive oil from Crete.

100 bottles in total produced.

This ain't your generic, lifeless mass-market olive oil. Packed with polyphenols (the good stuffsee more below), this small-batch Greek extra virgin olive oil comes fresh and flavourful from the 2021 harvest.

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Ingredients: 100% Lianolia olives. Nothing else. 

Producer: Amargiotakis family.

Origin: Village of Dafnes, Crete, Greece.

Agriculture: Minimal intervention. Non-irrigated.

Soil type: Limestone hills.

Process: Superior category extra virgin olive oil obtained directly from mechanical (never chemical) means.

Harvest: November 2021.

Nutrition: 410 mg/kg of polyphenols, which is above the 250 mg/kg benchmark set by EU Regulation (No. 432/2012) about high-polyphenol olive oils.  


Fresh-cut grass on the nose, then flavours of green banana and tomato leaf with an avocado bit coming through. There’s a slightly peppery finish that's a sign it's rich in Oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant 'superfood' compound).

Serving Suggestions

Drizzle, bake and fry (yes, fry—just as the Greeks do!)

  • Sarah says: I use it to ‘finish’ any meat or veggie dish to make sure I get the most out of the flavour and health benefits. I also love to pour it generously over pastas and soup dishes.
  • Michael says: I like to start a meal soaking it up with bread, but I like to end a meal with it poured over vanilla or chocolate ice cream for a creamy, rich indulgence. Sounds weird but pairs perfectly.


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