Burrata, citrus, chilli and extra virgin olive oil.

Burrata, citrus, chilli, preserved lemon & chicory

This recipe from chef Lewis De Haas of Crispin who makes the sort of ingredient-led, colourful meals we all need more of.

Like us, he's passionate about championing small producers to get flavour at its absolute best. We've been drooling over the way he's been using our oil, so when he offered to share a recipe we could all do at home—we knew it would be a banger. And here we have it: simple, fresh, vibrant, indulgent—and completely dictated by what is currently in season.

 Burrata, citrus, chilli, preserved lemon & chicory

Here's the method:

Serves four.

  • Tear the burrata and pop it in a serving dish. Season with salt and black pepper.
  • Combine the chilli, preserved lemon paste, dill and olive oil to make a dressing.
  • Mix the chicory into the dressing and spoon over the burrata.
  • With a small knife cut the top and bottom of the citrus fruit to give 2 flat edges. Then, slice around the fruit removing the skin and pith. Gently cut between the membranes to remove the segments.
  • Put the fruit pieces over the burrata et voilà!

Ways to make it more your own:

  • Experiment with the kinds of citrus you add in there.

  • If you can’t get a hold of burrata—swap it for mozzarella.

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