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A better olive oil, delivered straight through the letterbox.

Free shipping on our high-quality extra virgin olive oils when you subscribe. Help us reduce waste and support small-scale farmers while saving you ££.

  • High in antioxidants

    Packed with polyphenols—for nutrition in every pour.

  • Small batch

    Direct from small-scale farmers where we go beyond fair pay.

  • Fresh & flavorful

    Remarkably delicious oils that taste like where they come from.

  • Female-led

    Bringing underrepresented female producers to the table.

Turning a commodity into a community

There's a rich sense of place that’s intertwined with small-batch oils. We want to shine a light on those artisan producers and support them to better look after the land while making something exceptional.

Pour. Refill. Repeat.

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    Save on £, save on waste—all while supporting small farmers.

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    Start with our signature bottle for the perfect pour everytime.

  • Refill

    Set your delivery frequency for our pouches and seasonal recipes.

  • Flexible

    Pause, skip, or cancel anytime. Send back the used pouches for free to help close the loop.

From Michelin chefs, to cooking enthusiasts

What is 'cold pressed' olive oil? And is it the same as 'extra virgin'?

We get asked this all the time, and we get that it’s super confusing. So many brands talk a lot about their quality being centred around “cold pressing”—but in the case of a true extra virgin olive oil, you’re just stating what it is already by legal definition. "Back when olive oil production was done with presses, the term described the first press of the fresh fruit. Now it's a meaningless buzzword emblazoned on bottles everywhere." —The Olive Oil Times First, let's talk about the 'pr...

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