• This ain’t your generic, lifeless, mass-market olive oil.

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Staples making a statement.

There are so many small-batch products that never get experienced outside of their own families or local areas. They’re sold into bulk blends and stripped of their identity—getting lost in complicated, global supply chains. 

We want to break that chain. We want you to taste something you never would have had the chance to before; something beautiful and simple that represents where it comes from.

"What you have created is a love letter to olive oil."

— Neil Ridley, writer, presenter, commentator on spirits and cocktails and co-author of The World Atlas of Gin and World's Best Spirits.

"On the nose vibrant green fruit with a delectable note of pine resin and lemon verbena. On the palate like floating on a cloud through a summer meadow. This is definitely one for the store cupboard."

— Dawn Davies, Master of Wine, Head Buyer for The Whisky Exchange

"I love it! Elegant and complex, but still fruity and fresh with a great spicy finish."

— Monica Berg, entrepreneur, winner of the 2019 Bartender’s Bartender award at the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards, co-owner of Tayēr + Elementary

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