The Olive Oil Club - Citizens of Soil
Olive Oil Refill Subscription - Citizens of Soil
Olive Oil Refill Subscription - Citizens of Soil
Olive Oil Refill Subscription - Citizens of Soil
The Olive Oil Club - Citizens of Soil

The Olive Oil Club

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Alexina Cassidy
Fabulous oil and a fabulous service

I have become a Citizens of Soil subscriber on the back of their great product, great service and great values. Thank you.

Nemo Halperin
First Delivery - Marina from Andalucia

My uncle lives in Provence and takes his olives from each year's recolte to the local traditional moulin to process his own oil, so I know what a fresh high quality EVOO should look and taste like. I'm viewing this as a treat for myself to experience and educate myself on different tasting high quality olive oil from other places across the Mediterranean. This is my first delivery, so I've no idea how representative this oil was of the type of oils selected. It had a delicate and moreish taste. Quite unlike what I'm used to. Light in viscosity, so it was quite a light EVOO. Quite fruity too. Was great on steamed asparagus, broccoli and in leafy salads. On the whole a very enjoyable choice. I look forward to seeing what the future deliveries will bring in terms of experiencing different curated EVOOs.

Amazingly wonderfully good

The best Olive oil I have tried.


Thats it.


I am so pleased I came accross Citizens of the Soil.

The best oil!

I was only going to go on the subscription of every 2 months but 3 weeks in and we have almost run out. Never knew how good oil could taste. It’s so fresh in flavour. Love it! And to have it delivered in this way. It feels great to support a company like this! Congratulations

Megan Wagstaff
Always beautiful oil.

High quality and absolutely delicious. Ill probably never use store bought oil again.


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