Turning a commodity into a community

Olive oil is a broken system. Independent farmers aren't making enough money, the oil changes hands loads of times on the journey between farm and table, and the final oil in your pantry is usually an old, flat and flavourless shadow of what it once was. We want to break that chain and allow you to taste something you never would have had the chance to before...

  • Healthy oils

    Quality production throughout and FRESH oil showcasing the transparency around their nutrients.

  • Regenerative farming

    Building back soil health and promotiong biodiversity on the lands we source from.

  • Fair and equitable

    Championing female farmers and rewarding them with well-above market rates.

  • Subscription refills

    Finding ways to cut packaging waste while leveraging our community to grow with more farmers.

A more sustainable, fair, and flavourful table. That’s our mission.

And for us, it all starts with soil. 

Soil is intimately connected to our own health and the health of our world. It underpins so many social and environmental issues and it’s also what makes our raw ingredients so special. But a football pitch-sized plot of soil is degraded every 5 seconds. And, sadly, it's not a renewable resource—so we have to save it now.

We’re doing what we can to make sure we’re protecting future harvests. As such, we pay our farmers more so they can reinvest in their own land. We are also committed to 1% for the Planet—with 1% of our sales going to soil regeneration projects.

What regenerative means to us


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