Like so many of our favourite moments—this one happened because of travel.

Michael met Maria on a boat between Santorini and Crete. Her overwhelming Cretan hospitality (which they’re famous for) struck up an instant friendship. Maria came to visit London; Michael returned many times to Greece (soon with the addition of Sarah) and the friendship and ‘extended’ family grew.

With each year and every new visit, we learned more about the culture, the people, the land.

The family are small-holder farmers, making things like wine and fruits, but we became obsessed with the quality and flavour of the oil, in particular.

We started bringing it back for our family and friends in London and the US. Every time we used it, the taste connected us back to Maria's table in Crete. Our friends would try it and re-affirm; there's something special here, y'all...

It finally feels like something we work so hard in is being appreciated.


But why olive oil?

When we started to learn more about it, we saw an industry fraught with issues, including a dangerous lack of transparency and anonymised mass production. It's also overly commoditised, so independent farmers aren't making enough money, the oil changes hands loads of times on the journey between farm and table, and the final oil in your pantry is usually an old, flat, and flavourless shadow of what it once was. We want to break that chain and allow you to taste something you never would have had the chance to before.

So, we set out to champion small-scale farmers like Maria & Dimitris—and shed a light on the things they produce.

Together we’re turning a commodity into a community.

Our community begins with the farmers. For too long, they’ve been taken advantage of by the olive oil industry—squeezed out of fair profit to fit the global commodity exchange and their oil blended with others so it’s beyond recognition.

We pay our producers above market prices, and directly into their pockets. This way grove owners can focus on the quality of the oil and continue to implement regenerative farming techniques to preserve biodiversity and soil quality.

This is just one way we’re challenging the status quo of the olive oil industry.

You, dear subscriber, gifter and first-time buyer are also a part of this community. Not only does our extra virgin olive oil look beautiful displayed in your kitchen or sitting on the table, it’s also represents your respect for farmers, the environment and your own food experience.

Together, we can learn more with each harvest and enjoy delicious olive oil on more of the food we love.

And changing the olive oil industry for good…

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