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Get to know the remarkable women and family groves behind our extra virgin olive oils.

How we source

We're looking for the extraordinary. Our range represents diverse regions and cultures—but our standard go beyond just high-quality extra virgin olive oils...


We curate the freshest and highest-quality oils, with low acidity and beautiful aromas.


We tend to source "high polyphenol" EVOOs, packed with antioxidants.


We champion female-led farms and projects aim at bringing more women to the table.


Beyond organic and "sustainable", we want to see practices that support soil health.

Our sourcing map

Painting a story across the places shaped by the olive tree, you can trace our oils back to the source.

Meet the Citizens of Soil producers

Maria Amargiotaki

Country: Greece
Region: Crete
Varieties: Lianolia and Koroneiki

Our OG. Our first producer. The one who started it all. The one whose groves always feel like home. Small batches from a patchwork of plots woven with wine, fruit, and wild herbs. We do this harvest every year with Maria and her family.

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Ana Cardoso

Country: Portugal
Region: Alentejo
Varieties: Gallega and Cobrançosa

One of the most talented producers we've ever met. Ana'a story is downright inspiring. Regenerative farmer, award-winning miller, and accomplishing so much in such a short time after trading city life for that of a rural producer.

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Marianna Devetzoglou

Country: Greece
Region: Peloponnese
Varieties: Manaki and Megaritiki

An enthusiastic olive oil sommelier and international judge. A city girl turned countryside. Now, she's building on her husband's family groves to create something magical in the region, while championing her local varieties.

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Christina Chrisoula

Country: Greece
Region: Crete
Varieties: Koroneiki

A passionate regenerative farmer helping lead the change in the rugged & rural eastern side of Crete. Another ex-city girl who returned to her family land to re-connect with nature, and create a high-quality oil from her mother's family trees.

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Lena Puhar O'Grady

Country: Croatia
Region: Istria
Varieties: Buža, Bjelica, Karbonaca, Moražola, Rožinjola, & Leccino.

A top-10 small-batch producer in the world. Twenty years ago, Lena’s father, Silvano, revitalised an overgrown olive grove. Today, she's making multi-award winning blends from their 10 hectar plot.

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Marina Segura

Country: Spain
Region: Andalucía
Varieties: Hojiblanca, Arbequina, & Koroneiki

In just a couple of years, Marina has completely transformed her family business (her father's family had been making oil for generations). From a new mobile milling machine for precision quality to converting the groves organic—their oils are becoming stand-outs in the region.

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This month's oil...

Say "hola" to this fresh harvest from between Málaga and Sevilla in Spain. Marina has turned her family business from just another olive oil into something outstanding—scooping up awards in just a couple of years. The best part? This has all enabled her father, Manuel, to create a social enterprise around the business that gives opportunities to women in their rural community.

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