Meet Marina and learn about our new Spanish olive oil

Meet Marina and learn about our new Spanish olive oil

We’re finally saying "bienvenidos" to our newest extra virgin olive oil—hailing from Andalucía. But if this region is the largest producer of olive oil in the world, then how come it took us so long to find one from there?

Why, in a country that dominates the global production of olive oil, was it hard for us to find a producer?

Let’s just say right here from the start that we always wanted a Spanish oil.

After all, we love this place. I used to live in Madrid, we got married in Barcelona, I studied for my olive oil certification from a school in Valencia, and we regularly spend time there.

But as an olive oil sommelier, it’s difficult for me at times to find truly outstanding oils even in places where you’d expect them to be.

There’s a lot of boxes to tick for us at Citizens of Soil. It’s not just amazing quality, there’s a whole social and environmental impact side we’re after.

In a place so big with so many massive companies, we were in search of some specific criteria:

✅ Remarkably delicious olive oil.

✅ Small batch where we could source direct from the farmer.

✅ From a producer who was already farming organically and incorporating regenerative practices.

✅ With a woman at the helm.

It took two years of learning, asking, trying—and then driving through the actual Autovía del Olivar (highway of olive groves) to meet the right producer.

But at last—we met a one who met the criteria. And the wait was worth it.

What we found in Andalucía, Spain was a multi-generational farming family with a strong woman spearheading real change.

From the quality of their oils done meticulously in their shiny new mobile mill, to their conversion to farming more in harmony with nature, it’s the dream.

The two distinct batches we were able to source from the Segura Gómez family offer all the vibrancy and provenance one would expect, but not always easily find, in this magnificent country.


Marina, our producer of extra virgin olive oil from Andalucia, Spain.

Meet Marina.

The youngest of 3 daughters in an olive oil family, Marina set off on a journey to study the technical quality behind producing the best EVOOs.

When she returned home, she discovered her family’s oil just wasn’t good enough.

So she shut it down and started over.

Mobile olive oil mill at our groves in Andalucia, Spain.

From a new mobile milling machine for precision quality to converting the groves organic—she overhauled everything.

And as a result, she turned her family business from just another olive oil into something *extra* and outstanding—scooping up awards and recognition in just a couple of years.

The best part? This has all enabled her father, Manuel, to follow a dream to create a social enterprise around the business that gives opportunities to women in their rural community—firmly putting people & planet at the heart of their olive oils.

Today, the family has around 350 hectares sitting across their groves between Sevilla and Málaga and a growing foundation which aims to continue supporting and empowering rural women through opportunities the business unlocks.

Maria and Manuel, a father-daughter duo behind the EVOO.

The Hojiblanca batch

This is the first time we’ve been able to bring over two different batches from the same producer.

The first, a single variety from the gorgeous Hojiblanca cultivar, is now in our bottles which are available in our shop as well as with some of our stockists around the country.

What it tastes like:

This batch has notes of…

🍍 Tropical fruit

🍅 Tomato

🟢 Artichoke

💥 Black pepper

How to use it:

Perfect for drizzling over pasta, stirring it into your salads, and popping it on peppers to keep savouring summer. 

An extra recommendation from Marina: Try it over some fruit ice cream. 🍦 

The "Ancestral" batch

Known in wine as a “coupage”, this process is generally used for producing a higher quality to achieve a specific taste and aroma, as well as superior complexity and balance in the final product.

This particular coupage is a blend of their Hojiblanca and Koroneiki oils, but it has a lovely story behind it…

Marina’s great-grandfather used to invite his local village out every year after the harvest to help him blend the perfect oil from his different trees.

Today, the tradition lives on with Marina inviting local friends and experts from across the world of olive oil to create their own blends. Then, together they vote on their favourite.

Every year, the blend ratio is different, and every year—it’s a new surprise.

And now our Citizens get to be a part of this exclusive batch—sipping and dipping their way through this tradition.

What it tastes like:

This batch has notes of…

🌸 Wildflowers

💚 Green almonds

 🍋 Citrus

🤌 Balanced pepperiness

How to use it:

Created for the perfect balance to become your daily pour, this one pairs with everything from meats to veg, sweets to cocktails.

 An extra recommendation from Marina: Enjoy with yoghurt. 🥄

*Note: The Ancestral batch is for our refill folks (in our subscriptions from September as well as in our starter packs, online only).


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