Help us close the loop

We designed our bottles to be reused. So, when you've used up all your oil, re-order with our pouches. These are lighter (by weight and from a carbon footprint perspective)—winging through the post in a better and more convenient way for you.

Return your pouches in 3 easy steps...

  • Re-use

    Get one of our olive oil bottles (which come full) or use your own vessel. It's best to use a funnel or remove the spout when it comes to the next step...

  • Refill

    Use our refill pouches to top up on the good stuff. Make sure you give it a clean every 3 months (or annually at a minimum).

  • Return

    Save a couple up (the more, the better). Then just write "FREEPOST SAVEOURSOIL" on the parcel. No postage required. Bonus points if you re-use an old box. Pop this in the post!

  • Recycle

    We sort this through a private recycling programme. That way, your old pouches are turned into plastic granules and transformed into new products once again.

The carbon difference in pouches versus glass

Packaging has been, by far, the most difficult part of our whole sustainability mission.

But we're always looking for new solutions to improve.

Here's what we've learned on the journey to finding what works best for extra virgin olive oil:

Our pouches produce 15 times less carbon than our bottles, making them a significantly lower footprint than the traditional glass option.

The main contributing factor is that glass is heavier than plastic, so it takes more fuel to transport for the same distance as a lighter alternative. The consumption of more fuel means more carbon emissions, which has a greater negative environmental impact. We also have to use significantly more packaging to transport glass to prevent breakages, which isn't even calculated in that top-line number, but those extra items also add into the overall impact.

  • 0.02682303 kgCo2 per 22g pouch
  • 0.31458564 kgCo2 per 545g bottle

(Source: calculated by ClimatePartner in March 2023; these figures only reflect the packaging alone and not the overall product itself)

We're working with ClimatePartner and continue to speak with sustainability consultants to improve this. This includes ensuring we apply the packaging best-suited to keep our impact low while preserving the high quality of our extra virgin olive oils all the way from our farmers to your tables.

More on how our olive oil refills work...

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