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Introducing extra virgin olive oils to get excited about. Curated by an olive oil sommelier and produced by inspiring women from across the Mediterranean, these small-batch, regeneratively-farmed oils are crafted for flavour and nutrition. Championing female producers and paying them above-market rates, this liquid gold is elevating the table *and* farmers. Save on every delivery when you subscribe—plus enjoy free shipping.

Curated by our sommelier.

Your passport to a range of oils, straight through your letterbox.

From Marianna in the Peloponnese

—Delicate & Herby—

From Marina in Andalucía

—Vibrant & Fruity—

From Lena in Istria

—Intense & Grassy—

From Christina in Greece

—Grassy & Peppery—

From Marina in Andalucía

—Fruity & Peppery—

From farms in Crete

Grassy & Balanced

From Spain & Greece

—Delicate & Peppery—

From award-winning producers

—A range of flavours—

From Ana in Alentejo

—Punchy & Peppery—

From Maria in Greece

—Grassy & Balanced—

From award-winning producers

—A range of flavours—

This single-estate extra virgin olive oil service that’ll deliver the good stuff straight to her door.

Transform your salads, sauces and cocktails

Far more interesting… Citizens of Soil's single estate extra virgin olive oil is an exciting new brand.

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