Roasted grapes in olive oil—how to cook 'em 🍇

Roasted grapes in olive oil—how to cook 'em 🍇

Wait, you can cook grapes?! 🤯 Yet another thing we didn't know was a thing but now so obviously is.

Roasted grapes are such an easy way to really jazz up a salad or cheese board. So sweet, so jammy, so simple.

And ya gotta do it now since we're full-on grape season, baby!

The main focus may be on the vineyards getting the wines ready, but a beautiful range of snacking grapes are also now live in your local market—so here's a way to make them taste extra seasonal. 

After all, it may still be warm and sunny in the Mediterranean, but here in the UK—we're feeling decidedly autumnal. 

So as you start pumpkin-spicing everything up and switching salads for soups, here's a way to enjoy this very seasonal fruit in a more seasoned way.

Grapes with extra virgin olive oil

Here's the method:

  • Drop them on a tray and coat in an extra virgin olive oil that's got a bitter or green flavour happening over one that's later and sweeter—so from an earlier harvest date.
  • Add a pinch of salt.
  • Throw in an herb or two (I did thyme this time 😉). Rosemary would also be super lovely.
  • Then, pop them in the oven for around 25 minutes at 220C / 425F. Voila!

Roasted grapes on a salad of extra virgin olive oil

How to serve them:

It was lunchtime so I put them on a salad this time, but other ideas include:

  • Topped on plain yoghurt with walnuts and honey.
  • Baked with ricotta on the tray for a delicious bread dip.
  • Roasted alongside meat in the oven.
Happy eating, y'all.

—Sarah, founder of Citizens of Soil

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