Cleaning refillable olive oil bottle

How to clean your olive oil bottle

Many of our Citizens use our refill pouches to top up their bottles, but do you need to clean this every time?

Finding ways to re-use packaging is great, but olive oil is a fresh fruit juice, so we want to store it in the best conditions.

When it comes to cleaning our reusable bottles, we recommend every three months—but at the very least once a year.

And when it comes to adding in a new harvest or new oil altogether, don’t top up your bottle of older oil with the fresh batch without a rinse with soap and water!

Cleaning your reusable water bottle.

Here's how to clean it:
1. Take the spout out of the bottle. TIP: We find it easiest to pop it out by using a wine corkscrew.
2. Rinse the bottle and the spout thoroughly.
3. Rub the bottle with some dish soap and water. Rinse again.
4. Leave it to completely dry out.
5. Refill the bottle and pop the spout back in!

Now that you got your bottle fresh and clean, you can enjoy oil of it. 😉

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