Matcha with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Morning Antioxidant Bomb.

Olive oil matcha. Morning antioxidant bomb.


It may look like your good ol’ matcha, but don’t be deceived!

This is something else. The grassy notes of an early harvest extra virgin olive oil pair beautifully with the mild bitterness and earthiness of matcha to create a truly rich, velvety smooth drink. 

Not to mention that it truly is an antioxidant bomb!

Matcha with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Morning Antioxidant Bomb.

You may have seen the Starbucks news about olive oil in coffee. Well, we tried it and wrote a whole blog post on it. We also started testing some recipes, and after talking with olive oil experts and baristas alike, we actually think this morning brew might be our favourite. It comes to us from Lena, our award-winning producer in Croatia.

Here's the method:

Serves 8-10

  • Boil the kettle and leave it for a few minutes without the lid so the water cools down. (This is to preserve all the antioxidants in the oil when mixed.)
  • In a cup, whisk matcha powder with a spoonful of hot water until all the lumps are gone.
  • Stir in the olive oil*. You can also add your sweetener of choice now.
  • Add frothed milk and stir to combine.
  • Et voilà! Enjoy your beverage right away.

*When we say "olive oil" here, we mean only ever use *extra* virgin olive oil. Nothing refined. And the flavour profile of the extra virgin olive oil and its particular style will change this, depending on what you go for. We recommend an earlier harvest oil (with an October date on it) to give you the green and grassy notes we prefer here, though something from November could bring a nice nuttiness and sweeter note to the mix, depending on your preference.

Ways to make it your own:
  • A squeeze of citrus will bring out the green notes.
  • Experiment with ratios of matcha to milk to find your perfect brew.
  • Swap out oat milk for a different plant-based one like coconut or almond.

Confused as to why we're even suggesting you combine olive oil with your morning drink? There's many reasons nutritionists are pointing to having EVOO as a part of your breakfast...

See 5 reason to start your day with a spoonful of olive oil to find out more.

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