Strawberries and cream with olive oil.

Strawberries and cream with olive oil.

Give strawberries their main character moment with this recipe. 

Strawberry season is in full swing and what better way to celebrate than this sophisticated twist on a British flavour classic–strawberries and cream. Sweet, juicy, strawberries, a savoury hint of cracked black pepper and sumac and, of course, the all important drizzle of liquid gold. One word? Heaven.

Be prepared to be dreaming about this for weeks. And try not to eat it all at once (optional, not advised). 

Best paired with:
Watching a game of Wimbledon. 

    Here's the method:

    Based on 1kg of strawberries

    • Chop your strawberries and macerate in the icing sugar, sumac, pepper, salt, lemon and good drizzle of EVOO. Leave the macerate for a couple of hours in the fridge. 
    • Whip your cream (or plant based alternative) and honey into into soft peaks.   
    • Assemble by placing a good dollop of the cream on a plate or bowl and pilling the macerated strawberries on top. 
    • Try not to eat it all. 

    If you're new to the world of olive oil and dessert then we'd recommend our Greek as it's a lovely, delicate option. If you're wanting to make even more of a statement with this dish then our Spanish is exactly what you're after.  

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