Garlic confit made with extra virgin olive oil.

World's best kept secret: Garlic confit with extra virgin olive oil

A secret condiment that adds beautiful flavour to anything you make? This is it, folks. 

After a long time of roasting in olive oil, garlic gets tender and flavourful, slightly sweeter and less pungent than its raw version. 

It makes for a perfect, homemade condiment and spread. And once you make a big batch of it, pop in in an air-tight jar and enjoy for up to a month! You are likely to find yourself adding it to anything you can think of!

Some of the favourite ways we have used it include:

🥦 Sautéing your veggies in it.
🍝Using it as a base for pasta sauces.
🥖Spreading on top of bread and crackers.
🥗 Making salad dressings with it.
🍳 Frying eggs with it.
🧄 Making *extra* exciting hummus.

The only downside? You might need to keep your distance from others after having a garlicky meal. 

Here's the method:

Around 50 servings

  • Separate and peel all of the garlic cloves. Tip: pop all of the cloves in a piece of Tupperware and shake it for a while. Some of the skins will fall off and you'll peel the rest easily!
  • Place the garlic to an oven-safe dish and submerge with olive oil. Top with some thyme. Sprinkle with some salt. 
  • Pop it in an oven (with the fan turned on) at 190ºC for around two hours or up until the garlic looks golden, but not brown.
  • Let it cool down before moving the confit to airtight containers. Keep it in the fridge or freezer and enjoy for up to a month!
Ways to make your own:
  • Spice it up by popping some chillies in there.
  • Swap thyme for rosemary or add both for extra flavour.

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