Hearty lentil and rice salad with herbs—made by our farmer

Hearty lentil and rice salad with herbs—made by our farmer

Lentils, rice, fresh herbs and a ‘soupy’ lemon + EVOO dressing make this a salad for the season.

💯 Do as the Greeks do and make salads that don't even have any lettuce in them at all. Focus on seasonal ingredients that pack a heavier autumnal punch, but still covered in fresh herbs, tangy acidity and the ever-present extra virgin olive oil. 

This is a staple meal that our farmer, Dimitris, makes often for lunch or when in need of something quick & easy, but filling and nutritious.

lentil and rice Mediterranean salad

Here are the ingredients you'll need:

🍚  Cooked rice
🥔  Cooked lentils (can be from a can or jar)
🍅  Chopped tomatoes (can use bell peppers)
🌿  Dill
🌿  Parsley
🌱 Spring onions
🍋  Lemon juice (1 whole lemon)
🍶  A splash of red wine vinegar (could use while or even apple cider)
💥  Extra virgin olive oil (#DontDrizzlePour)
🧂 Salt & pepper

Mix all together, coat well and then make sure the 'dressing' is pooling like a soup. This means it's been super absorbed by the rice & lentil mix and now can be scooped for some extra nutrient-packed bites (plus, a perfect dip for bread along the way). 🤌

Happy eating, y'all.

—Sarah, founder of Citizens of Soil

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