Is the Viral Lemon Olive Oil Elixir Really Worth the Hype?

Is the Viral Lemon Olive Oil Elixir Really Worth the Hype?

A TikTok trend celebrating the Mediterranean diet and promising a healthier you. But does it deliver? 

Autumn’s arrival brings a recurring desire for self-improvement. As the leaves fall, we all seem to echo a familiar battle cry—the pursuit of healthier versions of ourselves. Some seek to eat better, others commit to more exercise, and a few even immerse themselves in an extravagantly-priced juice cleanse.

Within the world of nutrition, the villains are ever-changing: one day it’s fat, the next it’s sugar, followed by a turn against carbs, only to circle back to fat. Amidst the quick fixes, viral TikTok trends, and low-fat yoghurts, we all know, in our disobedient guts, the simple truth: simplicity itself.

As nutrition trends come and go, the Mediterranean diet remains the ever-constant. And it’s no secret that we’re big fans. 

Olive oil, beans, fresh herbs, sun-ripened veggies, nuts, sizzling garlic, and smoky grilled fish served with whole grains to mop up the juices. 

So, naturally, when the lemon olive oil elixir started making waves on everyone’s social feed, we had to investigate.

 Lemon Olive Oil Elixir

What are the benefits of drinking lemon with olive oil?

This natural daily ritual doesn’t promise miracles, just the potential for a healthier you. It’s hailed as a detox wonder, improves digestion, and gives a gentle boost to your immunity. 

But that makes sense as lemon and extra virgin olive oil are natural ways to detox the liver. Lemons are enzyme-boosters, cholesterol-reducers, and toxin-eradicators — everything the liver craves. 

Extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, not only elevates good cholesterol but also protects your liver against fatty liver disease. Individually, they’re good, but together, they’re *extra*.

Even celebs like Kourtney Kardashian swear by it, claiming it's the ‘cure’ to water retention. Well, Kourtney, you just might be onto something.

So, what is it?

Its bare bones are olive oil, an entire lemon (yes, peels included), and water. Some add cinnamon, some don’t. Some add ginger, some don’t.  And believe it or not, some even add a shot of tequila. Many don’t. 

But, there’s a catch...

It’s all about quality. Your olive oil must be extra virgin and your lemons must be organic and unwaxed. Simple as that.

Extra virgin is crafted without heat, chemicals, or solvents. Comparing extra virgin olive oil and regular is like comparing freshly squeezed orange juice to a Fanta or an Orangina. So, if you want to reap the benefits of the elixir, make sure your extra virgin olive oil is the real deal. 

Now, the idea of blending the whole lemon might raise an eyebrow or two. Will it be too bitter? Surprisingly, no. Both lemon rind and juice burst with vitamin C, minerals and phytonutrients. Yet the rind also includes fibre, aiding digestion and promoting a feeling of fullness. So both parts are needed for the elixir to work.

Beware of waxed lemons. These shiny fruits are coated with chemicals that are best to avoid. Some of these waxes are plastic-based, while others use shellac (made from animal secretion, yum). Not all unwaxed lemons are organic, but all organic ones are unwaxed. So, make sure to check your lemons have that organic sticker. 

Lemon Olive Oil Drink for inflammation, immunity, digestion.

Does the elixir actually work? 

While Kourtney Kardashian might be taking it a step too far by dubbing it a 'cure,' the elixir, made with these nutritious ingredients, can indeed make a difference in your digestion, immune system, and that persistent bloating you've been trying to shake off.

It might not be the miracle you’re looking for, but it's undoubtedly a part of the solution.

How do you drink olive oil and lemon? Here’s our recipe.

Three servings

  • 1 whole lemon, including peel (organic, unwaxed)
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (our Peloponnese would work well, with its herby nose)
  • 2 tablespoons honey (raw is best)
  • 1 small knob of ginger (about an inch, peeled)
  • 700ml of water
1) Roughly cut your lemon into four parts.

2) Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend on high until thoroughly mixed. It should have a slushy consistency and a pale yellow colour.

3) Strain the contents into a jar using a sieve, to separate the thicker pulp.

It’s surprisingly a trend we can get on board with—when it's done right. If you want to jazz it up, add some mint or basil, and it's practically a mocktail. 

We're not promising miracles, just a simple way to make a positive change in your daily routine. Delicious? Absolutely. Nutritious? Without a doubt.

Lemon and olive oil elixir.