Unlock the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Drizzle, drink, and pour your way into wellness.

Packed with polyphenols, a daily dose of extra virgin olive oil can help to improve heart & gut health, energy levels, inflammation, and more.

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"I take a tablespoon a day like a supplement and the taste profile is SUPERB!"


“Love this oil, it's great to drizzle on cereals in the mornings and I love the health benefits it brings.”

Nigel T.

"We are trying oil as shots for my sons, and ourselves, to help balance our omegas for brain health."


The extra nutritional benefits

Happy heart health

Countless studies praise olive oil for its inflammation-lowering, cholesterol-shielding, and blood vessel-drama-preventing prowess.

Improves gut biome

According to gut guru Tim Spector, polyphenols fuel gut microbes, ensuring a happy stomach and top-notch digestion.

Balances blood sugar

EVOO can help with regulating energy crashes, sweet cravings, and reducing your risk of diabetes.

Lowers inflammation

A tablespoon equals 10% of your Ibuprofen dosage. It fights this common denominator in many diseases, offering a all-natural remedy.

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From Kat in Greece

—Delicate & Herby—

From Marina in Andalucía

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