Extra virgin olive oil with ice cream.

Olive oil ice cream: recipe round-up

One of our most viewed recipes, popular videos, and quoted pairings— we’re now sharing our olive oil sommelier’s favourite ways to make ice cream *extra*.

Olive oil and ice cream—it’s a thing. Or perhaps it’s finally becoming more of a thing since we first wrote about it back in 2021. It was the original breakthrough pairing that made us question: “What *can’t* you put EVOO on?”

This was a game-charger for us, both for how we viewed this classic Mediterranean staple, often only used in salads and for dipping bread, as well as the full potential of this most flavourful of fats.

Why would you put olive oil on ice cream?

Since trying it at Quality Chop House a few years ago, and now in nearly every possible combination since, the combination is now something we absolutely can’t get enough of.

So, just in time for the summer, we’re rounding up the best ways to master olive oil and ice cream.

But before you pop open any old bottle in your pantry, our founder & olive oil sommelier has some top-tips:

  • You *must* do this with a good olive oil. By that I mean fresh within the harvest year, and produced for quality not quantity (so none of the bulk stuff you cook with).
  • Find out the style you like. Olive oils, like wine, come in many varieties and styles. Some are sweeter, greener, peppery, or bitter. You might like one of these but not the other when put on top of ice cream.
  • Experiment with different ice cream bases. I always go back to a vanilla base, but flavours like chocolate, fruity, or even matcha work depending on which EVOO you use.
Why would you put olive oil on ice cream?

What are the best olive oils for ice cream?

This comes down to your palate, but some basic examples could be:

  • Fruity, delicate EVOOs that are mild on the pepper and bitter notes, like our Greek oil from Marianna in the Peloponnese now in Waitrose. Another variety to look out for would be Arbequina from Spain.
  • Buttery and grassy notes could come from the lush Lianolia variety found in our EVOO from Maria in Crete.
  • Spice or pepper notes are alive and well in our oil from Ana in Portugal, but in general you want to look out for Mediterranean oils that are “early harvest” or made in October.
  • Bitter is a style that’s not for everyone, but for those already well into your dark chocolate, strong coffee, and chilled negronis might appreciate using an EVOO from Tuscany or southern Italy. Look out for the Coratina variety. Or get the balance of all these notes with our new Croatian from Lena in the Istrian.

The best olive oil ice cream recipes. 

Now, onto our favourites…

Ice cream with salt and olive oil
1) Ice cream with olive oil and salt.

Sharing our signature serve as well as all the flavours we've tried and we love with EVOO and salt. 

Olive oil ice cream from a Michelin-starred chef
2) Homemade olive oil ice cream, from a Michelin chef 

While it might require a little bit more effort than picking up a tub of ice cream at a local grocer, this tastes worlds better and should become a staple of your next dinner party—regardless of the season!

Olive oil mango sorbet
3) Olive oil sorbets and granitas

Yeah, we realise it’s not technically ice cream, but it falls into that category of icey, sweet desserts and the pairing opportunities with some fruitier olive oils really shines here!

Finally, how much olive oil should you put on ice cream?

This depends on how much you love EVOO. We often pour it out like you would a chocolate syrup over a dessert—like with pools of olive oil.

However, start with what you're comfortable with. One to two tablespoons per serving is a nice place to start. 

Bon Appetit!


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